Tuesday, 7 December 2010


I had one of those aha moments today. Living in isolation, be it on an island, like above, or else snowbound, as today, then introspection can lead to breakthroughs. They may be obvious to the masses, but to the individual................well...............that takes a bit longer.

Isabel Soria says,

                             'a spritual view of nature is able to meaningfully contribute to our self identity'.

While living on an island, I had a complete sense of identity; strong and visual, insular. Since leaving the island, I have no identity of self, no sense of being centred in self, no sense of 'knowing' or of 'connection'. I suspect that this research journey has emerged in order that I might acknowledge my debt to a special place through sharing my experience of creative survival.

Who else is out there?

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

clutch distractions

No clutch. No car. No excuse.

 Spent all day in my studio trying to bring to life something I feel in my mind's eye. It's a long drawn out process which I enjoy; the rhythm of making suits the day. Still not sure if I'm getting anywhere but keep going.

Sometimes stuggling relentlessly blinds us to what's right there in front of us. In attempting to make these silk pieces conform to another identity, I can't see them for what they already are. 

Walk away, come back, look again. It's all there.

Sometimes looking at the opposite reveals the real, like this.