Monday, 19 September 2011


I spent a while in the Scottish Poetry Library last week, what a comforting space amid the mayhem of Edinburgh.
Another place I visited was my own past; one full of facades, this is one too, above, though how enigmatic it really is...who knows.
I came across a phrase which rings true; gender identity is created by the roles we play. I've no idea who said that but it is beginning to form the essence of new thoughts on the research journey.

I've intentionally avoided any gender issues, too huge, too crowded, too overwhelming. But now, after a two week stint in Edinburgh, being a 'city' girl, I'm ready to look in that mirror.


I also 'see' the artwork I want to begin in relation to transitioning, liminality and identities; performance, concrete poetry, spoken narrative of journals, 'cast skins' and own clothes, taken from the wardrobes of possible persona, ones which I tried on for size and discarded after the second act.

So where's the theory?  it'll come in time.