Friday, 21 January 2011

sketchbook conference

I keep a large sketchbook where I record my creative journey, visually but with an ever increasing desire to write carefully chosen words which add extra meaning to the images. I use these sketchbooks as teaching tools as well as for me; I forget things and at times need to remind myself who I am. I'm finding now that this sketchbook and my research journal, have met and crossed paths, at last. I've been waiting since November for this to happen of its own accord.
Now, I feel ready to start. I'm enjoying creating my own bus ticket for this journey of a lifetime. Below is an image which today appears in both books.
Silk/rock. Fragile/strong. Hard/soft. Resisting/yielding.

I'm a practitioner who thinks. There are lots of us out there with all kinds of tacit knowledge which we want to share. If we don't share, when we pop our clogs, that knowledge pops off as well, sadly. This need not happen if we value and respect where each of us as practitioners, comes from. The link below looks interesting and worth considering, if you're nearby or even if you're not. It's about sketchbooks; all kinds.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

New beginnings

I've been struggling for weeks with issues of my research and finally feel a sense of another aha moment coming on. Timely, first day of a new decade. The following words expess it very eloquently;

'the search for time, for place and for a life - is necessarily a search that arises only as a consequence of the inevitable experience of loss, and, if it achieves any resolution of the distress induced by that experience, it is a resolution that is brought about through coming to better understand the densely woven unity of life as lived'. 'Only thus - in the concreteness of an embodied, bounded existence - can we come to understand that in which the value and significance of a life is to be found'.  Malpas. J. E. Place and Experience.