Thursday, 24 November 2011

It's been a while

well, much has happened since I was last here; the Shorelines Exhibition at the Maclaurin, Ayr, was installed. It took me 33 hours to install Seasilks for this, lots of Ibuprofen and a total disregard for heights. I'm very pleased though, it looks just fine in gallery 1. I included the sounds of the sea as well, it helps convey my meaning.
The symposium went well, all seemed happy with the very stimulating papers. New friends were made too, which is lovely. I had my mind changed in a most engaging way by Iain McGilchrist, which was a surprise. Don't deconstruct creativity too much, you may just destroy it altogether!
Sadly, I now have an immense sense of grief; the work is no longer in my studio but 'out there'. The void it leaves inside is cold. A good friend has told me that this is what writers feel too, when 'letting go' of a novel.
All that I am is in that work and I now need to remake myself, acknowledge my new role and move on.
Along the way I have lost a very dear friend. Research and friendship are not happy bedfellows it seems.
Ah well.....
If you want to listen/see the work when it was first shown in Taigh Chearsabhagh, North Uist, then follow this link:
I go into the gallery, stand under my work and just close my eyes.......I'm home.