Sunday, 24 April 2011

creativity and place

Another thought continuing from yesterday's post, this was raised by a colleague when we were talking at length about this current concept of creativity promoting a sense of wellbeing.
With regard to creativity, wellbeing and place, then yes, place can indeed engender a feeling of wellbeing, this is well documented and generally understood by artists, writers, postmen and plumbers.......we all know this. It's a sunny day and just looking out the window will reinforce this idea, people are out there enjoying feeling good in the fresh air. But creativity...well....that's another thing again.  Enjoy the day!

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  1. Agree with you that places can promote a sense of well-being (or - sometimes - the opposite. Some places are definitely inimical, hostile, disturbing.) But I also agree with you that the link between creativity and well-being is debatable at best. It makes me wonder who is defining the idea of creativity here. Many writers seem to become quite worried at the idea of defining or even examining their own creativity. Perhaps they think it will disappear? But if we ourselves don't examine it there will be many hundreds of people queuing up to do it for us, from a position of comparative ignorance!


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