Sunday, 8 May 2011

Poster Day at UWS

I'd like to first of all say congratulations to Rachael! Well done kid! You deserve every success! You are an inspiration, thank you. Taking part in the Poster Event has helped me to see where I might be going on this journey; one which is difficult to articulate but sometimes a glimmer appears and I am able to write what I feel. So have a read below and let me know if this resonates at all with any of you; this is what I'm trying to do achieve.

The Spaces Between

The process of transition from one stage in life to the next necessitates a state of liminality, of being on the outside, inhabiting a borderland, while still inextricably intertwined with that which has been left behind and that which is yet to come. Human nature is fundamentally social; therefore human experience cannot be understood separately from the environments in which they occur. As an integral part of creative practice, how might reflexivity offer insight into this liminal state of becomingness, of betwixt and between?
Working from a phenomenological framework, through auto-ethnographic vignettes, textual collage, research journals and creative writing, the artist-researcher seeks to describe and systematically analyse personal experience through creative practice in order to understand cultural experience, the inter-relatedness of the micro in the macro.

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