Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Digital book!

I had the opportunity to see a review copy of Ann Marie Shillito’s book ‘Digital Crafts: Industrial Technologies for Applied Artists and Designer Makers’ in which I have a vested interest as my digital designs for printed textiles are included.
How I see myself using Digital Crafts – initially – is as a way of ‘finding out’ who is ‘out there’ working as I do – feeling my way in what might feel an alien, almost non-human world of creative process by machine. The contradiction here is intentional – we seek out our own kind, as I am now doing, with this book.
The next layer of experiencing the book is through exploring new names whose work resonates with my own or even my way of thinking about creative process, for this is (still) very much about creative process, albeit in collaboration with technology. A good example of encountering ‘new faces’ is my first becoming aware of  and inspired by Monika Auch; I want to find out more about her beautiful work and how she uses digital technology.
Further reading will inevitably lead me into unknown, unfamiliar territory – I am not naturally ‘technical’ – I respond to organic forms rather than ‘mechanically extruded’ ones. I see this process of discovery happening automatically – we’re driven by curiosity, a desire to explore new ideas which resonate and ultimately broaden our own. So this is what I see as being the essence of Digital Crafts – a visually stimulating layered journey with excellent sign posting.

The book will be published on 10th October 2013 by Bloomsbury and Ann Marie’s Company, Anarkik3D , are offering signed copies through their Kickstarter crowdfunding project (link to be added when it goes live).

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