Wednesday, 29 August 2012

4 footed walking companions

Last day. Sad but maybe it's time to go back to what I left behind so willingly? It will be difficult though, to walk along a mainland shoreline, knowing that these fellows are up here, walking along theirs. What can I say about this visit to Shetland? I know I will return. I've some lovely folk up here, nearly all women willing to share their time and stories of life on the edge. They don't see it that way, it's in the middle for them; Iceland, Faroes, Norway and Scotland with Shetland right there in the centre. It all depends on your perspective, like so many things.

I came with a vague idea of what I hoped to achieve and will now go back down south with the beginnings of what could be a fascinating research project. There's positive support here, I just need it from down 'there' as well. It's all about sharing, isn't it?, knowledge, thoughts, fears, misconceptions.

My farewell shot.


  1. The ponies will still be walking their shoreline wherever you are, and you can take that with you. When I left Arran to live in London for a while I managed to take much that was precious from my Arran life with me, because I believed that I could. I believe you can take your Shetland bounty away with you, too!

  2. I know, thanks for this thought Sam :) Arran is in me too.


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