Sunday, 5 August 2012

Scalloway and beyond

If you were a tern and just kept flying, you'd get to Iceland I think. It's far away, here. I like that and needed to feel isolated again; too many people, too much to think about, much of it needing sorting out, put in its rightful place. Shetland feels like home to me, same sense of bleakness in winter, but Arran's winter light will be stronget I suspect. I don't think I could cope well with low light for months on end. Still, it's only August :)

I like the seaweed here too, like long dreadlocks drifting in the water, just below the surface. No tv, no radio, no mobile, just myself echoing in my head. Where have I heard that before?

Wonder what I'll make? I've been digging deep in my writing today, uncomfortable revelations needing airing. That's the thing with a residency, it takes you to silent places which need the light of day to be seen properly.

I'll write more.......maybe tomorrow.....


  1. Aha - Shetland is exerting its effect...already

  2. definitely. And I've only just arrived :)

  3. The pull of isolation is a mighty force allow the elements to travel deep beneath the surface of the skin and then to reacquaint in the materiality of your work xam

  4. Yes indeed, this is what occurs. But I'm finding it's the unarticulated thoughts which are surfacing first, interestingly. The work will come.......I need to Claxton advised. Good to hear from you AnneMarie, thanks for following :)


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